A jagged, out-of-tune song; rumbling, roaring music- Lyrics of sharp, pounding, unspoken words, Like chaotic penance of uncommitted sins: Piercing the caged soul- with every gasping, ragged breath; Unflinching, unapologetic, damning, Numbing void – vacuuming out every little feeling; A thought, your thought- suddenly passes by – I shout: voiceless screams; Eyeing me, it walks, […]

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The Forbidden Sixth Shot..!

The aftermath that comes next to a hangover. You. See, the alcoholic forgot you while he was drunk, when his brain couldn’t process what was happening. When he was weak, so vulnerable. Your thought didn’t cross his mind. But you came back when it was all gone. Or maybe, you are interspersed so deep in […]

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Bring Them To Me..!

Tired bones and broken dreams Emotions silhouetted by unkempt deeds; Rawest desires and the naive, immature pleas Bring them all, bring them to me; That person who thinks you come out too strong, That little failure that shatters you every dawn; Endless puzzles with pieces lost to the wind, Bring them all, bring them to […]

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Frozen In Time..!

This moment, out of all the day’s ruckus Hour, minute, second or millisecond; Frozen in time – firm and poignant Like the distant watch tower – Assuring, comforting; And yet, ridiculously fluctuating Like the wind raging against your face- (Feel your wings yet?) Whispering words in your soul’s ears- Untying your knotted, convoluted thoughts; Your […]

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Where does beauty lie? One photograph. The Optimist, hopes for the scene on the right to transform into something equal to or better than that on the left; The Pessimist, gives up on the situation thinking “dust thou art, unto dust returnest” (literally and figuratively), and knows not that the raw, barren obstacle is actually […]

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Lunatic Love..!

Night, some music, some shimmering lights, Wind, and the sea, and us – just us; In this void, chaotic vacuum, Words you whisper, Heard by my soul – over the vast ether; And I wonder gazing over these ‘long-distance-troubled’ hapless romantics, How distance never bothered us, I yearn for you and you “wave” back – […]

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Unquenchable thirst – jeopardizing fulfillment; Sun kissed during the day, Moon doted by the night. And the Sea – foaming and frothing over her with undying excitement – trying to woo her away, to some far away land. Somewhere he can have her just for himself. The Sea tries harder every time. But the Shore, […]

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The Outliers..!

The distant smile – strange, out of the way; Amidst this dense population of natural entities, does it seem unnatural? Or just one of those many overwhelming gestures by a known or unknown person – by the traffic signal, in the metro, or in a coffee shop of a faraway land- creepy enough to make […]

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Barbed wires, forced fences; Nobody told them about that while they grew- This side or the other. The unending blue sky or the gigantic tumultuous Pacific stretching beyond- They know not. After all, what’s the point of worrying about the ocean when you know the dirt is your calling? They grow – unapologetic, head first, […]

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