Unquenchable thirst – jeopardizing fulfillment; Sun kissed during the day, Moon doted by the night. And the Sea – foaming and frothing over her with undying excitement – trying to woo her away, to some far away land. Somewhere he can have her just for himself. The Sea tries harder every time. But the Shore, […]

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The Outliers..!

The distant smile – strange, out of the way; Amidst this dense population of natural entities, does it seem unnatural? Or just one of those many overwhelming gestures by a known or unknown person – by the traffic signal, in the metro, or in a coffee shop of a faraway land- creepy enough to make […]

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Barbed wires, forced fences; Nobody told them about that while they grew- This side or the other. The unending blue sky or the gigantic tumultuous Pacific stretching beyond- They know not. After all, what’s the point of worrying about the ocean when you know the dirt is your calling? They grow – unapologetic, head first, […]

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Cerca Trova..!

Definition: My Place (n) – that one location around you where you forget that there exists a pile load of work to be completed, stack long list of people to be pleased and a box full of situations to be dealt with and fixed; that one place where you turn on the “fuck-the-world” mode, tune […]

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A Foggy Attempt..!

The coffee in your veins, That situation galloping out of reins, The startling silence in your truth, That stalking face beneath the hood, Chills creeping up your spine at nightfall, You gotta get your masks down- when the spectre calls; Break the bonds, count your blessings, sins, addled beliefs and ambitions bereft, Count them up […]

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The good to my bad..!

The good to my bad, The Kryptonite to my Superman, The Yin to my Yang, The Bruce Wayne to my Batman, The dusk to my dawn, The light in my lonely shadows, The brake to my fall, My post storm rainbow,The horcrux to my Voldemort, My Patronus who casts dementors afar, The Hermoine-&-Ron to my […]

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