A jagged, out-of-tune song; rumbling, roaring music- Lyrics of sharp, pounding, unspoken words, Like chaotic penance of uncommitted sins: Piercing the caged soul- with every gasping, ragged breath; Unflinching, unapologetic, damning, Numbing void – vacuuming out every little feeling; A thought, your thought- suddenly passes by – I shout: voiceless screams; Eyeing me, it walks, […]

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Demons & Angels..!

Staring mildly at the ocean deep inside, Silencing the war raging between the surging love and the smothered pride; My demons and angels both I did separate carefully, Yet, finally it was in their unison that I found the real me..!

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Musings of a Nyctophiliac..!

At times in life, if you just sit down one day (read night) outright and start analyzing the different aspects that we humans experience during our very limited stay on this planet, you will find a whole lot of similarities between the various stages of life and the night. Night, right. What I say might […]

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