Of Love & War..!

A moment, an hour Spent fulfilling dreams Few months, a lifetime Of limbo-clad, deserted beliefs Huffling and puffing Through the ever-growing bucket list What’s that beacon shining far away? Another given up tryst? Promises unkept Empty hallways & roads beckon Stay back, stay up Don’t let this be another forgotten song It’s easy to think, […]

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The Science of Life..!

The mass of thoughts, building your character up, The gravity of challenges, weighing your morals down, The audacious strength of your endeavors, propagating through your mind’s frontiers,, The nasty, gritty strain of circumstances, ready to tear you apart on cue, The warmth at your core, helping you stay sane, That magnetic pull towards your passions, […]

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The Voldemort in Me..!

All these people you love With fragments of this sinning soul And then scatter to the wind And tides of time and space Tiny universes Of a single person Moving walking talking Dreaming hurting believing Feeling your pain Laughing your laugh Crushed by your failure Exalted by your success So many lives Ripped from a […]

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Leap of Faith..!

Long day Tired bones Muscles spent, To the core   A week’s lethargy, Finding it’s way to your heart A soothing lullaby To those chaotic thoughts   The caged beast Humming rhythmically No longer hyperventilating Over the next opportunity   No rhyme needed No symphony, no sounds You simply want to Run and shout   […]

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Bring Them To Me..!

Tired bones and broken dreams Emotions silhouetted by unkempt deeds; Rawest desires and the naive, immature pleas Bring them all, bring them to me; That person who thinks you come out too strong, That little failure that shatters you every dawn; Endless puzzles with pieces lost to the wind, Bring them all, bring them to […]

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Frozen In Time..!

This moment, out of all the day’s ruckus Hour, minute, second or millisecond; Frozen in time – firm and poignant Like the distant watch tower – Assuring, comforting; And yet, ridiculously fluctuating Like the wind raging against your face- (Feel your wings yet?) Whispering words in your soul’s ears- Untying your knotted, convoluted thoughts; Your […]

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Lunatic Love..!

Night, some music, some shimmering lights, Wind, and the sea, and us – just us; In this void, chaotic vacuum, Words you whisper, Heard by my soul – over the vast ether; And I wonder gazing over these ‘long-distance-troubled’ hapless romantics, How distance never bothered us, I yearn for you and you “wave” back – […]

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Barbed wires, forced fences; Nobody told them about that while they grew- This side or the other. The unending blue sky or the gigantic tumultuous Pacific stretching beyond- They know not. After all, what’s the point of worrying about the ocean when you know the dirt is your calling? They grow – unapologetic, head first, […]

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A Foggy Attempt..!

The coffee in your veins, That situation galloping out of reins, The startling silence in your truth, That stalking face beneath the hood, Chills creeping up your spine at nightfall, You gotta get your masks down- when the spectre calls; Break the bonds, count your blessings, sins, addled beliefs and ambitions bereft, Count them up […]

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