media-20170519 (1)

A jagged, out-of-tune song; rumbling, roaring music-
Lyrics of sharp, pounding, unspoken words,

Like chaotic penance of uncommitted sins:
Piercing the caged soul- with every gasping, ragged breath;

Unflinching, unapologetic, damning,
Numbing void – vacuuming out every little feeling;

A thought, your thought- suddenly passes by –
I shout: voiceless screams;

Eyeing me, it walks,
Trampling on the flickering bit of emotion struggling to stay alive;

As absolute, and as blinding-
As that sudden lightning flash on a pitch dark night;

I dare not move, it rages across my senses,
I try breaking through – only to find myself more bounded;

Like the rattling window glass panes trying to break out,
With that loud, blood curdling roar of distant clouds;

Searing, ripping pain – but I feel nothing
I let it win – it wins;

The indifference demon unleashes – and I finally crawl back:
To the shell – my shell – my mask of emptiness..!


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