Bring Them To Me..!


Tired bones and broken dreams
Emotions silhouetted by unkempt deeds;

Rawest desires and the naive, immature pleas
Bring them all, bring them to me;

That person who thinks you come out too strong,
That little failure that shatters you every dawn;

Endless puzzles with pieces lost to the wind,
Bring them all, bring them to me;

Lets bundle them all and toss out for once,
Down the steep walls you’ve built around since long;

Fall and rise, chase and run,
Guess what? For them you’ll never be enough;

So let it all go, and simply breathe,
All that matters is actually just this-

This one person you see almost everyday
Staring deep in your eyes even when you are your shaggy best;

Tired eyes and messy hair
Yet radiating passion through every glare;

That person on the other side of the mirror
Your one and only knight in shining armor;

Workaholic days and sleepless nights – forever true,
A force to reckon with – all inside you;

She talks in whispers, so listen carefully
Words that make sense, no blasphemy –

“Keep on trying, until the very end
Keep on trying, the end of road is just a bend;

Awesome and tragic – that’s how this ride’s gonna be,
And if ever things go south as they sometimes will –
you bring them all, you bring them to me..!”


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