Frozen In Time..!


This moment, out of all the day’s ruckus
Hour, minute, second or millisecond;

Frozen in time – firm and poignant
Like the distant watch tower –
Assuring, comforting;

And yet, ridiculously fluctuating
Like the wind raging against your face-
(Feel your wings yet?)

Whispering words in your soul’s ears-
Untying your knotted, convoluted thoughts;

Your intimate, raw secrets and ambitions –
In this moment : bare;

Like the masseur’s bare smooth, strong fingers-
Gently loosening your knotted muscles,
After a long tiring day;

When pointlessly staring into the void-
You feel focused like never before;

All cards dealt, your best game played
No hoodwinking, no douchebaggery, no debts-
In this moment;

For a minute, few seconds at least-
The stars seem well within your reach;
(Fly and grab them, maybe?)

When the morning’s difficulties
Effortlessly sublime like the evening colors into
The dusk grey sky;

And annihilate into millions of shards
Via every single diamond shining down –
Across the vast ether;

And the Crescent’s resolute core,
Sharpens your blunted passions;

Your broken rhyme stitched
Verse by verse – in this moment;

This moment, frozen in time
Out of all 86400 a day –
Is what you are alive for:

Your moment of salvation,
Your moment of redemption,
Your story of survival –
Witnessed by the loyal night
Frozen in time..!


P.S. Small, little, unexpected things that make your day! Thank you, you.


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