Where does beauty lie?

One photograph.

The Optimist, hopes for the scene on the right to transform into something equal to or better than that on the left;

The Pessimist, gives up on the situation thinking “dust thou art, unto dust returnest” (literally and figuratively), and knows not that the raw, barren obstacle is actually a blessing in disguise;

The Realist, for the love of logic – actually focuses on the “Speed Limit” and other “signs” that life flashes every now and then – and ensures that the present is perfect and future secured.
All three are the same person, and more often than not, there is just a fine line dividing all of them.

So, where does beauty lie?
Nope. Not in the eyes of the beholder. In your frame of mind.

Such amazing Spring sunsets, much wow! 😀

Photo credits: The camera genius – Mr. Ronak Mohanty.


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