Lunatic Love..!


Night, some music, some shimmering lights,
Wind, and the sea, and us – just us;

In this void, chaotic vacuum,
Words you whisper,
Heard by my soul – over the vast ether;

And I wonder gazing over these ‘long-distance-troubled’ hapless romantics,
How distance never bothered us,
I yearn for you and you “wave” back –
Always like love at first sight;

We love in phases – waxing and waning,
Every fortnight, raw, cold, and bare:
On a display, for the World to see;

But my dark side – for your eyes only,
They can’t point their telescopes,
Nor capture it through their high magnification shutters:
It will always be for your eyes only;

And despite my dark side, you love me –
Despite the mayhem my pull causes on your surface,
Despite the dark nights that I desert you,
Leaving you struggling in this big wide gravity well – friendless and alone;

You choose to love me,
Over and over and over again;
No wonder my “World” revolves around you..

They say I am responsible for the romance in the skies,
They know not, I was once a part of you,
Long before this started;

Long before they existed, long before
Floating in the cosmic debris, we were hit
And separated;

Becoming the cosmic versions
Of Shakespeare’s “star crossed lovers”..

But did it at all matter?
Never did, never would – we survive through ages
They come and go – we remain;

Waiting timelessly, for another cosmic accident,
You with you fiery, molten, passionate, seething core
I, with my composed, cold stance;

Waiting for another accident,
That unifies us again,
Transforming us into the envy of the entire cosmic scheme;

For there will never exist,
In the fabric of time and space,
Anything ever, as maniacally passionate
And soul pacifying,
As our wild, untamed, lunatic love..!


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